Recent Articles about AM and 3D printing


The Air Force’s $10,000 toilet cover

"More recently, the service has been able to cut the average cost of the toilet cover to about $300 by using a 3-D printer, an approach top officials want to replicate for other acquisitions."  Washington Post, July 14

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Fashion firms upend design routine to focus on speed, trends

"CEO Robert D’Loren hopes to start putting 3-D samples on its website next year."  Washington Post, July 17

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NAVSUP WSS Steams Full Speed Ahead with Additive Manufacturing

"Over the next five years, one of NAVSUP's key initiatives is enhancing the supply chain processes by developing policies and procedures to support the expansion of AM throughout the Navy." Navy News Service, June 21 

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French Family Makes Billions From 3D Wizardry

"The chief source of his $27 billion fortune was less glamorous, though: A 41 percent stake in Dassault Systemes SE, which sells 3D design, simulation and industrial data management software." Washington Post, May 30

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Surgeons are using 3-D-printed organs to figure out the best way to operate

 "Those collaborations are becoming more and more common, especially as 3-D printing becomes more affordable." Washington Post, June 11

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How 3d Printing is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it

"As healthcare costs in America continue to skyrocket, with no political solution in sight, this technology could offer some direly needed relief.

Here are just some the ways in which 3D printing is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry." Tech Crunch, April 5

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